Standard Massage

Baan Sabai

Standard Massage


An exhorted of body after heavy work or exercise lead to muscle spasm and pain. A combination of Thai massage along with indigenous Thai herbal extracted oil, will give you a best benefit of massage.

60 Min. | 800 THB.

90 Min. | 1,100 THB.

120 Min. | 1,500 THB.


A world wild massage helps increase flow of energy, blood and nerve stimulation throughout the body. A good and gentle massage result of muscle relaxation and pain relieve.

60 Min. | 500 THB.

90 Min. | 600 THB.

120 Min. | 800 THB.



Hands-on manipulation of the muscles and other soft tissues to relieve muscle tension and reduce stress,neck pain may include spasm, stiffness, muscle discomfort, limitation of movement and headaches.

60 Min. | 500 THB.

90 Min. | 600 THB.


Foot Massage

All meridian lines of the body start from feet and connected though the inner system.This massage with advantage of pure oils,the oil will be absorbed by the skin will greatly help to relieve pain or tiredness of food and body.

60 Min. | 400 THB.

90 Min. | 500 THB.

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